Musicscapes Vol. 1 (2008)

MMC Digital 2170D  |  Download-only release

Music by G. Bradley Bodine, Raymond Bokhour, J. Windel Brown, Carson Cooman, Dreadnaught, Richard Drexler, David Gaines, Tobias Giesen, A. Paul Johnson, Russ Lombardi, Edward Marcus, Carl Vollrath, Meira Warshauer  |  Produced by Bob Lord

Available only via digital download, Musicscapes Vol. 1 contains a wide variety of styles and composers from the now-defunct MMC Recordings label, including the award-winning David Gaines choral composition Povas Plori Mi Ne Plu, performed by the Master Singers of Virginia conducted by Erik Reid Jones.

  • Download the song text for Povas Plori Mi Ne Plu (in Esperanto with English translation)
  • Teksto en Esperanto (kun traduko en la anglan) haveblas jen por Povas Plori Mi Ne Plu
  • Download the complete liner notes for Musicscapes Vol. 1 from MMC Digital

Program notes:

David Gaines’ Povas Plori Mi Ne Plu (“I Can Cry No Longer”) for unaccompanied SATB choir was composed in 1994. The text is in the international language Esperanto and, according to the composer, “reflects my reaction to media images of the horrible war in Bosnia and to the effect on civilian populations of war generally.”

This performance was recorded live by the Master Singers Of Virginia at Our Savior’s Way Lutheran Church, Ashburn, Virginia, on April 27th, 2003. In that concert’s program, artistic director Erik Reid Jones said: “David’s hauntingly lovely Povas Plori Mi Ne Plu will echo in your ears long after leaving the performance; we are privileged to give this work its American premiere.”

The world premiere of Povas Plori Mi Ne Plu was on June 14th, 1994 in Sofia, Bulgaria, by the Bulgarian Esperanto Choir, Katja Vuĉkova, director. It was the First Prize winner (the “An-Ok San” Prize) in the song division of the 1995 International Fine Arts Competition of the World Esperanto Association in Tampere, Finland.

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